What is No More Cough?

No More Cough is a medical device that combines the technology of ‘far-infrared’ and target specific acupoints (Tan Zhong and Fei Shu) to improve respiratory health.

The cough patch contains Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanoparticle that has the property of emitting far-infrared ray. When the patch is used on the skin, ZnO nanoparticle will absorb heat energy from the skin and emits far-infrared ray that penetrates through the skin barrier. This promotes epidermal skin flow and improves blood circulation. With far-infrared continuous stimulation on the specific acupoints (Tan Zhong & Fei Shu), it helps to reduce cough and loosen chest congestion.

No More Cough contains 100% natural plant-based ingredients and exert localized effect on the skin. It gives soothing effect that may reduce the tendency to cough and ease throat irritation. It is safe, without adverse effect and improve one’s quality of life.

Suitable for: